Fractals of Aquarian Human Design Masterclass

New to Human Design?

Had Human Design Reading that left you feeling discouraged or even angry?

Understand bits and peices but would like a refresher course before diving into How To Perfectly Implement Your Design In Your Biz & Beyond?

This 3 Day Masterclass is JUST for you!

Course Covers

  • types
  • strategy
  • authority
  • profiles
  • common misunderstanding 
  • straight up HD reader B.S.
  • and much more

Shifting from the stale, deflating Human Design language of the past  30+ year into the NEW PARADIGM verbage and perspective to leave you feeling empowered and flying high, ready to start implementing all the HD Junkie’s Implementable mic drops for your business and life over the next 3 days!

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz