This page contains email templates for you to use however you’d like to promote the summit. 

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We have THREE week to promote and the more times you mention it to your audience, the better. It will mean more eyes on the summit and more affiliate income for you!

However, not everyone promotes the same way. You know your audience best so take what’s here and use it however you see fit. 

I’ve included a few email templates below with suggested subject lines and send dates along with a few options for you to include in the p.s. of any weekly emails you send.

Tweak these emails and social media posts so they sound like you! Add your normal greeting and sign-off and update the copy with your unique voice and personality. 

Last, be sure to update all links in the emails with your affiliate link so you can get commissions on any sales that come through people you refer. 

Get your affiliate link here.

Email Templates

Social Media Templates

Instagram Story Takeovers

If you don’t know what a takeover is, it’s basically a collaboration where you and another user appear on each other’s stories.

All you have to do is send the host account 5-15 photos or 15-second video for them to upload themselves. These takeovers are not only fun but are also a great example of a 50/50 value exchange—a partnership that’s mutually and equally beneficial.

Think about it this way: a takeover is the same as getting a cool guest on your podcast, YouTube show, or even posting a selfie with a celebrity.

To participate::

  1. Pre-record videos or create “IG slides” upload them here to share with other speakers. 
  2. I recommend creating your main set focused on introducing people to your upcoming topic at the summit
  3. Additionally, you can record or create a “thank you for letting me take over_____________” slide if you coordinate a mutual takeover with another speaker.
  4. Download the IG Story content and be sure to post in your Stories at least 1 day before the speaker’s interview!
  5. Download any IG Stories you want to feature as a takeover on your personal account.
  6. Upload them and tag the speaker and @thehdyogi when you share!

Can apply to FB Story as well.

Questions, let me know!